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Project Water Supply & Sewerage Project

* Construction of sewage treatment facilities;
* Waste water treatment plant (WWTP);
* Geographic Information System (GIS);
* Construction/rehabilitation of reservoirs and pipelines;
* Public awareness programme; Staff training;
* Action enhancing the SONEDE and the ONAS technical and financial capacity; Technical assistance (e.g. Water Supply Master Plans updating studies)


Financing: 110.9 millions $

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Geographical coverage Tunisia
Budget (in €) 110900000
Programme International program
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- The Water Supply and Sewerage Project aims to assist the Government in:

 a) implementing a suitable demand management program, and institution building measures. As these actions are taking shape, the technical and financial capacity of both the Societe Nationale d'Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux (SONEDE) and the Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS) will improve, making them more autonomous and self financing;
b) providing safe, adequate and easily accessible water supply and sanitation services in urban and rural areas, by rehabilitating and expanding existing facilities with particular focus on low-icome households;
c) promoting the reuse of treated sewage for irrigation and industrial use; and
d) encouraging SONEDE and ONAS to contract some of their operations to the private sector.

- The project has four main components:

a) institutional development with a view to enhancing water resources management, and the financial viability and efficiency of both SONEDE and ONAS, including staff training, studies, technical assistance, purchase of equipment, and a campaign to raise public awareness on better use of water and sanitation services;
b) rehabilitation and expansion of the water systems to approximately 320 small villages in rural Tunisia; and
c) construction of sewage treatment facilities in the towns of Tozeur, Tataouine and Jemmal-Zermeddime



Period [28/07/1994 - 30/06/2003]


  • Société Nationale d'Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux
    Office National de l’Assainissement
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Tunisia
    Web site
    Contact ,
    Phone/fax: 216 71 887 000 , 216 71 871 000

Funding sources

  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Source International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Programme International programme
    Funding rate 52