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PDF D3 1 1st Draft water flow diagrams and associated SEEA-Water tables

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Upload date 27 Oct 2014
Contributor Eric Mino
Geographical coverage Italie, Arno
Release date 27/10/2014
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The PAWA project is composed of 4 successive technical activities (1. Setting the scene at Arno RDB level; 2. Data collection; 3. Building water accounts; 4. optimosation of measures) and 2 horizontal activities (assessment/reporting and dissemination).

During the first activity, three sub-basins have been identified as priority area to prepare water accounts on a monthly basis (see D1.2 Prioritization list of sub-basins):

• Chiana;

• Bisenzio;

• Pisa.

This deliverable concerns the preparation of the first draft water flow diagrams and associated SEEA-Water tables as a result of Activity 3 “Building Water Accounts”.

 In Deliverable 2.2, water flows occurring on the sub-basins have been already illustrated since they were used to prioritize the data collection. These data flows have been validated with the local stakeholders during the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop held in July 2014.

 In this deliverable, we present how the water flows have been interpreted to calculate water balance (Chapter 2) and to fulfil the SEEA-Water tables. Chapter 4 shows the results of the “Physical Use and Supply Accounts” and “Water Asset Accounts” tables for the three pilot territories of Chiana, Bisenzio and Pisa.