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Event SimHydro 2021

Following the 5 past successful events in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019, the next SimHydro Conference will be held from 16th to 18th of June 2019 at Polytech Nice Sophia (School of Engineering) in Sophia Antipolis technopark, near Nice and Cannes - France (French Riviera).
The general theme of the conference will be focused on "Models for complex and global water issues - Practices and expectations ". The water field is continuously mobilizing models for addressing complex issues and new challenges. Within the context of the climate change, the water issues are exacerbated with the competition among uses. The limited water resources request from the modern societies to review some of the historical paradigms traditionally used and to promote new approaches for a sustainable management. The combined complexity and vulnerability of large urban environments request a deep understanding of water uses and environmental synergy. At the same time, water related natural hazards are contentiously straightening modern societies that have to adapt and implement a more resilient environment. In parallel, in the industrial sector, the search for a high level of efficiency for hydraulic machinery requests to simulate complex processes.
Under all these situations, the models currently used represent only partly the physical phenomena involved, the scale of the processes, the hypothesis included within the different numerical tools, etc. The design and the operation of relevant models represents a challenging task for the modeller who is responsible of the knowledge part of a global system that is dedicated to support the decision makers.
As for each SimHydro event, the various sessions will cover a wide spectrum of subjects and offer to the participants the possibility to share and exchange with scientists, practitioners and decision makers.
SimHydro 2021 seeks to create a forum for exchanging ideas, for promoting ground-breaking technologies, for proposing new extensive collaborations, for finding new solutions for water issues and modelling approaches.
The conference is targeting an international audience and endeavors to collect high value papers that will be published in scientific journals and a specific book (Advances in Hydroinformatics).

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Geographical coverage France
Address Sophia-antipolis
Target audience International
Period [16/06/2021 - 18/06/2021]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH , FRENCH