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News 10th International Congress of the French Association for Political Economics (AFEP)

The AFEP is a scientific association whose objective is to promote pluralism in the field of economics. The AFEP annual congress is an important moment for the association and for the community of economists. It allows the pluralism of theories, methods and objects to be brought to life. Beyond that, this approach encourages dialogue and interdisciplinarity within the humanities and the social sciences. For that reason, proposals from other disciplines than economics (economic sociology, management, anthropology, geography, planning, politicalsciences, history, philosophy, etc.) are welcome and encouraged.

Topic of the 2020 Congress: “Resources”

The multiple environmental, migratory, social, financial, productive, banking etc. crises contemporary societiesare experiencing today are multifactorial and interconnected. Resources lie at the heart of these episodes,highlighting major issues related to their definition, distribution, mobilization and management either strategicor political. While all these social and economic phenomena may not be limited to resources issues, it neverthelessseems necessary to question “what makes a resource” in various circumstances. This requiresconsidering the multifaceted political, economic and institutional dynamics that governs their (re)production,appropriation, mobilisation and activation, use and related conflicts, as well as their economic and/or social valorisation.In short, the aim is to question and understand the processes that make it possible to constituteand qualify objects and/or devices as resources, and to (privately or collectively) manage them,but also to question the processes by which resources may empower and/or constrain.


14th October 2019 : 

Call for proposals


15th January 2020 : 

Deadlines for thematic workshops (one page + references list + list of proposals for closed workshop)


1st March 2020 :

Deadlines for proposals (extended abstract : one page + references list)


15th March 2020 : 

Deadlines for thematic opened workshops (4 or 5 proposals per workshop, managed by the coordinators) 


31st March 2020

Notification of acceptance


1st June 2020

Full text (to be stored online on the conference website, unless the autors state otherwise)

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