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News Call for Abstracts: "JBGIS Best Practises Booklet on Geo-information for Risk and Disaster Management"

Each year, disasters such as storms, floods, volcano outbreaks and
   earthquakes cause thousands of deaths and tremendous damage to property
   around the world, displacing tens of thousands of people from their
   homes and destroying their livelihoods. Many of these deaths and losses
   could be prevented if better information were available regarding the
   onset and course of such disasters. Several technologies offer the
   potential to improve prediction and monitoring of hazards, risk
   mitigation and Disaster Management, such as meteorological and Earth
   observation satellites, communication satellites and satellite-based
   positioning. Helpful application of these technologies requires a solid
   base of political support, legal frameworks, administrative
   regulations, institutional responsibility and capacity, and technical
   training. Early warning systems have to be part of disaster management
   plans and policies. Preparedness to respond is to be engrained into
   public awareness.

   Therefore, the Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies (JBGIS, and UN-SPIDER jointly invite to contribute
   to a " Best Practises Booklet on Geo-information for Risk and Disaster
   Management" that will create a decision support forum based on the
   knowledge and experience of experts and will outline the potential uses
   of the Geo-Information Technologies to governmental, institutional and
   operative decision makers all over the world. So the articles should be
   no lengthy scientific publications but short enough to be read during a
   coffee break. They should address one or more of the disaster types and
   technologies listed below:

     Disaster Types:

   ·         Geophysical: earthquake, tsunami, volcano, mass movement,
   severe storm, flood, fire, drought, extreme temperature

   ·         Biological: epidemic, insect infestation, vector diseases

   ·         Technological/societal: pollution (air, soil, water),
   industrial facilities failure, terrorist attacks, traffic break down
   and accidents (air, road, sea).

   Technology used:

   ·         Data collection technology: sensors (air, space, terrestrial,
   soil, water, etc.), products (optical and range imagery, other

   ·         Data processing: systems for real-time monitoring/tracking,
   prediction and simulation

   ·         Data management and analysis: spatio-temporal, image, moving
   objects and point clouds databases (models, indexing, analysis)

   ·         Data access and sharing: SDI, Web portals, command and
   control systems, Net-centric systems, ontology/semantic-based
   applications, context-aware search.

   ·         Data visualization: Web visualization, VR environments
   (Google Earth, Visual Earth, etc.), dedicated systems

   ·         Other successfully applied geo-information technology

   The Booklet is intended to cover all regions of the world and all
   phases of the disaster management cycle.

   Call for Abstracts

   The Abstracts should not exceed 400 words and should outline a
   successful application, including   data acquisition, information
   extraction and dissemination, and a clear statement of the   benefits
   and further potential of the practice described as compared to
   classical methods.

   The deadline for submitting the abstracts is 30 April 2009. The
   abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment to Prof. Piero
   Boccardo (

   The Committee will select a certain number of abstracts and inform the
   potential authors of full papers on 30 May 2009. The abstracts which
   are not selected for the "Best Practices Booklet" will be evaluated for
   the Gi4DM to be organized early 2010 in Turin Italy .

   The deadline for submission of the selected full papers is 30 September

   Publication and worldwide announcement of the "Best Practices Booklet"
   is planned on 2 July 2010 in Vienna at UNOOSA.

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