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News le-maroc-et-la-france-vont-creer-un-fonds-de-soutien-la-cooperation Item only translated in French
News sie_maghreb Item only translated in French Arabic [1 comment(s)]
News appel-communication-pour-le-veme-workshop-euro-mediterraneen-sur-la-gestion-de-l Item only translated in French
News tunisi-e-lancement-des-travaux-de-l-usine-de-dessalement-d-eau-de-mer-de-djerba Item only translated in French
News eau-vive-recherche-un-une-directeur-trice-montreuil-sous-bois-france Item only translated in French
News la-gestion-de-l-eau-au-moyen-orient Item only translated in French
News il-y-loin-de-la-coupe-aux-levres-quand-l-acces-l-eau-de-vient-un-enjeu-de Item only translated in French
News tunisie-reseaux-d-assainissement-sidi-hassine-fin-des-travaux-en-decembre Item only translated in French
News 2011 World Water Week Calls for Abstracts and Event Proposals
News ACWA Appoints Senior RO Specialist
News Awarded Projects from last FP7 ENV Call
News COP16 takes lead on water issues
News Call for papers for TIAC’12 - IV International Conference on Technology Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers / III International Symposium on Coastal Aquifers and Desalination Plants
News Call for papers for the International SWAT Conference & Workshops, Toledo 2011
News Climate Change is about Water, but Missing from Agenda
News Considering cultural dimensions of water and groundwater management: the qanats as an example: a colloquium on 9 December 2010
News Countries call for water to be addressed in the climate negotiations
News Cyprus: Solea Dam inaugurated by the President
News Do smaller water footprints lead to bigger profits?
News EC brochure on "Membrane technologies for water applications"
News EU 2011 budget provides 9.3 per cent increase for ENPI programmes
News Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Flood Risk Management
News Fellowship on EU Water Framework Directive / Participation
News First Announcement & Call for Papers: "Professional Environmental Education for Sustainable Development: Plugging the Hole"
News Flood chaos in Balkans as Europe begins to thaw
News Friends of the Earth Middle East: "Good Water Neighbors" Annual Regional Conference
News High-level panel on water and climate change in COP 16 [1 comment(s)]
News IWRM-Net Final Conference
News International Flood Initiative Book Series
News Jordan: AECOM awarded US$28-million task order for water reuse, environmental conservation project based in Amman
News Launch of UN-Water Activity Information system (UNW-AIS)
News Managing water shortages - the problem is people, not climate
News Managing water shortages under a growing population
News New FIIA report: "Managing Blue Gold: New Perspectives to Water Security in the Levantine Middle East"
News Public consultation of WWDR4 first draft is now open!
News Public consultation on the future EU financial instrument for the environment
News Satellite data provide a new way to monitor groundwater in agricultural regions
News Spain: Befesa awarded contracts to improve two supply systems
News Spain: New Developments in the Integrated National Water Information System (SIA)
News Spain: The Government plans to create a water observatory
News Spain: Two Spanish desalination plants to install ERI’s PX-300 devices
News Stara Zagora Regional Water Investment Project
News Syria: EIB provides €55 million boost for water in North-Western
News Syria: Water left out as Syrian PPP law founders
News The 1st Arab Water Week, 5‐9th December, 2010 (Amman, Jordan)
News The Arab Water Week and the World Water Week in Stockholm cooperate to find solutions to MENA issues
News The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean launches officially its website
News Tunisia: New AFD loan for financing access to drinking water and natural resource management
News Twin2Go newsletter nr 3 - Synthesising research for adaptive water governance
News UNEP Releases Africa Water Atlas
News Vacancy Announcement: Water institutions expert The FAO Land and Water Division is looking for an expert in WATER INSTITUTIONS (P4) - Deadline For Application: 18 December 2010
News Vacancy at the Global Water Partnership Secretariat in Stockholm: Senior Network Officer
News WATER NEWS - Issue n00 - Winter 2010
News Water and adaptation to climate change – reports and DVDs for free
5th Mediterranean Water Forum