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News eLearning on Floods from WISE-RTD

These elearning modules help visitors to explore the WISE-RTD water knowledge portal in an interactive and entertaining way. It focusese on resolving important water issues with the help of advisors by combining policy, science and industry perspectives. The 1st module was related to "Dealing with Floods". It is supporting trainees in resolving the crisis of the village of Hitzacker, threatened by flood, with the help of advisors. The second elearning module is dedicated to "Preventing Future Floods". You will learn how to use the WISE-RTD searching skills to assess flood risks for preventing future floods. Advisors will guide you when needed. After completing the course you will understand: 1. how policy-implementers, researchers and consultants think and act to prevent future floods by using the WISE-RTD Water Knowledge Portal to find and use information; 2. why it is so challenging to achieve good communication links between policy, science and industry.


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News date 19/11/2012
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