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News European Science Diplomacy Roundtable “Tackling the food-water-energy nexus in the Mediterranean region through Science Diplomacy”

The Mediterranean countries have endured rising temperatures and sea levels, along with a surge in extreme weather conditions. These phenomena exert distorting impact on the societies and economies of Mediterranean nations by altering migration patterns, as well as disrupting food security and water and energy resources. Accordingly, cross-border cooperation in research and innovation (R&I) to address the impact of climate change is more pressing than ever.

Recognised by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Ministerial Declaration on Research and Innovation and the PRIMA Partnership, Science Diplomacy serves as an effective strategic tool to address the threats to ecosystems and populations across the Mediterranean region. Against this backdrop, the Roundtable was co-organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Republic of Tunisia. More than 60 participants attended, including researchers from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Türkiye as well as European Commission, French and UfM representatives.

The hybrid event’s primary output pinpointed Science Diplomacy as an essential instrument to pool resources together in order to shift from vulnerabilities (climate change, food scarcity and income insecurity) to opportunities (sustainable solutions, economic growth and improved social wellbeing).

The Roundtable concluded that engaging the private sector is crucial to ensure marketability of research results, effectiveness and competitiveness of the innovation ecosystem and sustainability of progress. The Roundtable also emphasised local adaptation measures by means of transparent collaboration and good governance mechanisms. Promoting capacity building, encouraging young people to develop technologies and conducting practical interventions were some of the other proposed measures to reinforce communities. Furthermore, participants identified strategic information for policymakers based on targeted transboundary studies and advocacy actions to support inclusive agricultural practices and social safety nets as essential for Mediterranean prosperity.

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News date 27/10/2023
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