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- See the list of projects in EMWIS Water projects database where Morocco is involved. You can search down in this database by keywords, programme (MEDA-Water, LIFE, SMAP, INCO-MED, FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, INTERREG, NIPs, etc), organisation, theme, and putting Morocco as country. YOU CAN CHECK IT ALSO IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE AT THE BOTTOM UNDER COUNTRY PROJECTS.

- See also TANMIA database for development projects in Morocco (projects of water supply and sanitation, agriculture, etc): this database is organised by sectors, regions, and organisations (AECI, Gouvernement Marocain, Gouvernement Japonais, CE, Ambassade de France, UNESCO, FAO, USAID, AFD, BEI, ONEP, CIDC, ONE, PNUD, BID, etc).

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