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The following documents provide additional information on water-related activities and EMWIS.

PDF OECD Environmental Strategy Download
URL url830605 Item only translated in Arabic
URL url904495 Item only translated in Arabic
PDF rapport-sur-la-mise-en-oeuvre-des-objectifs-de-developpement-durable-en-france Download Item only translated in French
PDF les-changements-climatiques-dans-la-zone-d-adaptation-de-l-oss Download Item only translated in French
PDF synthese-sur-les-evolutions-majeures-de-l-opinion-sur-l-eau-et-son-service Download Item only translated in French
URL hydrodiplomatie-et-nexus-eau-energie-alimentation Item only translated in French
URL EEA Report No 17/2020 - Water and agriculture: towards sustainable solutions
PDF The State of the World's Forests 2018 (SOFO) Download
File A guide to equitable water safety planning: ensuring no one is left behind
PDF Arab Horizon 2030: Prospects for Enhancing Food Security in the Arab Region Download
PDF Decoupling National Water Needs for National Water Supplies: Insights and Potential for Countries in the Jordan Basin Download
URL Edible City Solutions—One Step Further to Foster Social Resilience through Enhanced Socio-Cultural Ecosystem Services in Cities
PDF FAO- Drought characteristics and management in North Africa and the Near East Download
URL Global Warming of 1.5 °C
PDF Recommendations from the International Congress on Water for the Sustainable Development of the Mediterranean Region, Algiers 2005 Download
URL Regional Study: „Desalination as an alternative to alleviate water scarcity and a climate change adaptation option in the MENA region“
File Reshaping Decentralised Development Co-operation
PDF Role and Effectivness of the EU Policies in the Fields of Water and Agriculture in Morocco: A Bottom-up Approach Download
PDF SHIMON PERES : “WATER HAS NO BORDER” By Walter Mazzitti Download
PDF The Mediterranean message of Tunis to the 5th World Water Forum Download (2 versions)
PDF The Reuse Opportunity: Cities seizing the reuse opportunity in circular economy Download
Pointer Transboundary Hydro-Governance From Conflict to Shared Management
PDF WEF: The Global Risks Report 2018 Download
5th Mediterranean Water Forum