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Regional Water Knowledge Network - R-KNOW:

Current and past approaches of water resources management (WRM) have proven inadequate for the global water challenges. These approaches are mostly sectoral management, where each sector (domestic use, agriculture, industry, environmental protection, etc.) has been managed separately, with limited coordination between sectors. These approach lead to fragmented and uncoordinated development of water resources. Water is by nature a flowing resource, which crosses sector boundaries. Many uses of water have spillover effects on other uses, and water development projects have unintended social and environmental consequences.

Many accumulative experiences have been implemented in the in all around the world, specific examples are existing in Arab region for the best water management .These experiences and knowledge are not well known by others in the world and even in the region. IUCN in cooperation with water partners including ISESCO will launch regional initiative on Systemic Approaches to Water Resources Management. The initiative aspires to create a Regional Water Knowledge Network (R-KNOW) that will assist in strengthening the application of systematic approaches to water management in 5 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and Egypt). The RWKN will be structured in four sub-networks around the following thematic areas on water management :

  • Water Governance.
  • Water, Food and Energy.
  • Sustainable Water Technologies.
  • Water and Climate Change.
The RNOW project was co-funded by the European Union and implemented from February 2013 up to June 2016

Reference: EuropeAid/131140/C/ACT/Multi

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